5 Things You Can Do To Get Your Business Online.

Times are hard. New Zealand has gone into four weeks of isolation due to the effects of Covid-19. At Jericho Road we are working hard to get our clients online. Creating practical strategies that'll help local business thrive during this time, through an active online presence.

Start with Web

First step for any business trying to achieve success online is creating a website. This is the heart of any business, and without it you can't expect good results. Improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) using strategic keywords throughout your site. This will mean you appear higher up on Google and you'll have more traffic coming through your site. All this can be recorded. You can see what works and what doesn't via Googles analytics tool.

Businesses need to be selling online. This is done through creating an eCommerce website where your products/services can be bought.


Having quality media is a vital part of growing a business and generating interest from potential customers. Yes, you may be thinking that "I can't leave my house so how am I going to create media?" With some fun, creative thinking you can come up with media that'll draw people in. We're lucky enough that we are in a day and age that everyone has a camera in their pocket. Thinking outside the box means you can still create engaging media that sells.

Social Media

It is really important to stay active through social media. Posting regularly keeps your customers engaged and interested in your product or service and your brand at the front of mind. All these steps are good for achieving online success, but having a clear social media strategy is hugely important for the progression of your business.


Blog posts are a great way to keep your customers engaged in a new way. It will help improve your website's performance and reach by bringing customers back to your website again and again. It's an easy way to promote and share insight into your business. Blogs are a great area to include your keywords in order to improve your SEO.

Paid Advertising

Reaching new clients online can sometimes be hard. Through the use of paid adverting this can be made easy. Using targeted campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google, you can reach your target audience and direct them to your website resulting in new customers.

We are certain your business can grow and thrive during this time. We are committed to providing solutions for you to succeed, so please reach out if there is anything we can do for you.

Luke Larking

Media Manager

Jericho Road

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