Getting found on Google

Do you ever scroll past Google’s first page to find what you are after? Maybe you do, but the majority of us don’t, so you can’t expect people looking for your service/product to ever find it if you are not ranked well on Google.

Yes you can pay to be displayed as an add at the top of the screen, but there are also ways to improve your ranking for FREE :)

And here is an easy one:

Key phrases

Google has virtual robots that look through pretty well every site on the internet to determine how relevant a site is to a particular search. You can improve your relevance to your potential customers by having good keywords.

Keywords are phrases of 1 to 5 words that your customers will type into their browser to find your product/service. Google will show them the pages it thinks will be most relevant to what they searched.

For example, if Jane was to type into her browser ‘best coffee in Tauranga’ and Grindz Cafe has the phrase ‘best coffee in Tauranga’ scattered through their copy, then Google will recognise this and display Grindz’ site near the top of the page. (Who is at the very top is determined by many other factors that we will touch on in other blogs).

There are, however, some phrases that are more popular than others and therefore more competitive. If every Cafe in Tauranga had the same key phrase, then you would probably not want to adopt this same phrase as one of yours, because you are unlikely to jump the que to the top of the page. Instead, you should focus your energy on adopting phrases that are specific to your niche. If you also sold great coffee beans then you might go for a phrase like ‘locally roasted coffee beans’.

There are sites that will tell you how popular your phrase is before you use it (link below). It is also a good idea to type in some phrases and see if your competitors come up. If they do, then you know you are on the right track.

Know your target audience

To know what your potential customers are likely to search, first you need to know who they are. In-fact, for any marketing campaign, the first thing you should do is have a clear understanding on who you are marketing to. Advertising aimed at no one is a big waste of your time and money.

Good content

You do want to add your key phrases into your website copy, but make sure it is written to humans and not a robot. You don’t want people coming to your site and not being able to understand what you are talking about. A good way to do this is to dedicate one or two key phrases per page. This way, it is still easy to read, and is relevant to Google.

Mix it up

Fads go out as quick as they come about. To ensure you are keeping relevant to your target market, you should keep track on what they are doing, how they are spending their money, and what is ‘in’ right now. Don’t let your key phrases become redundant, they need constant updating. A practical step is to re evaluate them monthly and add or change a couple then see how the traffic to your site changes. If you get more traffic, then great! If your traffic decreases then the phrase you removed was a good one.

We work hard to get our clients up the Google rankings. keep posted to see more tips coming soon, or better yet, get in touch to improve your rankings right away.

Andy Fuller

Marketing Manger

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