How To Keep My Business Afloat Through Coronavirus

At Jericho Road we're here to help. Times are hard, but blessing's are just around the corner.

Covid - 19 is having a major impact on businesses nationwide, causing many thoughts such as; how am I going to maintain my business through this time? Will I make money? Am I going to loose my business?

We're here to help... we've got some advice to help you and your business through this time.

Support Local

Everyone is struggling, you're not alone. Encourage, have empathy and be kind.

One way we're doing this is by supporting our local cafe Eddies Parlour. We often use Eddies as our office space, a place to get some work done while enjoying a good coffee. Through this time we'll continue to support our local businesses and we hope you'll do the same.

Get working

You may now have time on your hands. This is a perfect time to update your website. Get creative, play around with new concepts, layouts, and themes... nail your niche. Spend time improving your SEO (search engine optimisation) using strategic keywords. We've been using Rocket Spark to design and build our clients websites and have services that can help you get this underway.

Share Your Knowledge

“The more you give, the more you live.”

Business is all about networking. Share what you know, get in touch with other local businesses and support them with what you know so they can thrive too.

Get Active

Stay top of mind. Work and income might be slow but it will bounce back eventually. Consumers want to know you're still in action. Constantly share, encourage and support people through your social platforms. Don't be shy to post in hard times, if you've got value, then what you have to share should be heard.

Don't Fall Behind

2020 is going to be all about online sales. Businesses not active through online sales will fall behind. Is there an area that you could be monetizing online? Rocket Spark provide an easy eCommerce subscription that allows you to sell products and provide services online. Tap into this!

We're seeing our local cafes and resturants creating online orders for their customors, as well as local stores who haven't been selling their products online creating new eCommerce sites so they can keep up with the online demand. Can you do the same?

It's Time To Create

Downtime is something you'll have. Use this time to work with local creators and refresh your marketing content. Put a face to your brand, people love people so it's extremely important that you're sharing visual media that shows your not just an online brand. Use videos, photos, and graphics to do this.

You'll Bounce Back

Clean up your systems. This is a great time to smash that admin work that's been staring you in the face recently. The economy will bounce back; having these systems set up and ready to go will mean your ready for what's to come and won't get left behind.

We want to see you succeed through this hard time. We're here to help in any way we can so please reach out.

Luke Larking

Media Manager

Jericho Road

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